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Theories of Language: General Semantics

General Semantics Home Page

Developed by Steven Lewis, this page provides information about the theory of general semantics with special reference to the works of Alfred Korzybski.

International Society for General Semantics

The central focus of this page is on language education from the point of view of the theory of general semantics.

Etc. A Reviw of General Semantics

Etc. is a journal devoted to studies in General Semantics. This page provides links to primary sources in the development of the theory, mos of which are available as .PDF files.

General Semantics - (Ralph Kenyon)

Kenyon interprets some of the key concepts of Korzybski's theory.


Steve Stockdale provides resosurces and explanations of concepts from General Semantics

General Semantics (Gestalt Therapy)

The Gestalt Therapy perspective on General Semantics




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