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Proxemics - Wikpedia

For an overview of concepts related to proxemics, check out this entry in Wikipedia

The Significance of Body Proxemics

This page from the Web to Awareness summarizes Edward T. Hall's concept of proxemics.

Proxemics and Personal Distance

This is a page from the Online Library of Marco Pacori's Body Language Page. It provides links to full text articles or abstracts of research findings.

Proxemic Theory (Center for Spatially Integrated Social Science)

This page by Nina Brown provies an overrview of Edwart T. Hall's contributions to nonverbal communication with particular reference to explantion of personal space.

Gifts of Wisdom: An Interview with Edward T. Hall

Kathryn Sorrells interviewed Hall, discussing his career in cultural studies and some of his seminal works. The text of the interview is from The Edge: The E-Journal of Intercultural Relations, Summer 1998, Vol. 1(3).

Proxemics Research

Dr. William J. Ickinger presents this page for researach about proxemics using behavioral game methodology.

Proxemics and U.S. Culture

Examine the example of how people ride in elevators from the everythingESL.net page.

How does Color Affect your Moods?

This is an article from Pantone.com, which examines how color choices affect mood. The authors explore how certain colors are hot or cold and how they are associated with attitudes.

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