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 Narrative Theory and Story Telling

The Center for Narrative Studies

The Center for Narrative Studies is located in Washington, DC. It is devoted to how story telling can be used as a type of discourse for making meaning. It applies principles of narrative theory to genres of story telling such as personal narratives, family stories, and cultural stories.

Walter Fisher's Narrative Paradigm

A summary of Fisher's paradigm can be found at the Taste of Rhetoric page. It overviews Fisher's ideas about the narrative foundation of communication and makes constrasts with traditional rational paradigms.

Narrative, Moral Identity and Historical Consciousness: a Social Constructionist Account by Kenneth Gergen

This is an online draft of an essay by Kenneth Gergen intended for publication. It explains the process of self construction through narrative.

Strategic Frame Analysis

The concept of framing suggests that we perceive the world around us through symbols. Check out the Center for Communications and Community at UCLA for an examination of how narrative form, especially in myth and metaphorical expression, is used to frame discourse.


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