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Interpersonal Transmission: Berlo, Osgood and Shramm, Gerbner

Berlo's S-M-C-R Model

David Berlo applied concepts from the transmission model of Shannon and Weaver and from the circular model of Osgood and Shramm to develop his four-part model that describes how a writers and speakers encode messages that are decoded by readers and listeners.

Shannon and Weaver Model (Culture Shock)

Mick Underwood presents an excellent overview of the Shannon and Weaver model and relates it to the contributions of others, including Laswell and Shramm and Osgood.

Osgood and Shramm Circular Model

Osgood and Shramm built upon the linear model of communication to consider the two-way process of communication. This page from Mick Underwood also elaborates how they expanded upon the Shannon and Weaver model by giving consideration to the process of interpretation.

Gerbner's General Model

The communication process is described as a dynamic process with special empahsis on the matters of control and effect.



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