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The Transmission View - Shannon and Weaver Model

Transmission Model of Communication: Daniel Chandler

Daniel Chandler provides a critique of the Shannon and Weaver model with special reference to its context and limitations.

Shannon and Weaver Model of Communication (Happy Fun Communication Land)

Along with a description of how communication occurs as a process of information transmission, the Happy Fun Communication Land page on Shannon and Weaver examines human and non-human communication processes. Note also their discussion of code and content, which elaborates more of the parts of the Shannon and Weaver model.

Lines of Communication

Check out a radio broadcast about the transmission model of communication that was developed by Shannon and Weaver to assess channels of communication. The program also touches on the issue of violence in the media. It was originally broadcast in December of 1999 in Australia. Michael Dwyer was the producer.

Shannon and Weaver Model (Culture Shock)

Mick Underwood presents an excellent overview of the Shannon and Weaver model and relates it to the contributions of others, including Laswell and Shramm and Osgood.

Shannon's Mathematical Theory

This document was published by Shannon to descsribe his theory in the Bell System Technical Journal in 1948. It is a PDF file.





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