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Family Patterns of Communication

Sandwich Generation: A Cluttered Nest

This is a page from the University of Nebraska and the Department of Agriculture that discusses issues faced in three generation households or family communication systems. In particular, it focuses on the stresses experienced by adults who are simultaneously caring for their own parents and their children.

Families First-Keys to Succesful Family Functioning

This page is from Virginia Tech. It describes aspects of effective family communication patterns.

Barna Group on Families

The Barna Research supports religious oganizations. This page provides statistsical information about family arrangments.

Verbal aggression in sibling relationships. Matthew M. Martin, Carolyn M. Anderson, Patricia A. Burant and Keith Weber. Communication Quarterly, Summer 1997 v45 n3 p304(14).

This study focused on verbal aggression in sibling relationships. The study examined the relationship between (a) verbal aggressiveness with satisfaction and interpersonal trust, (b) the relationship between teasing and verbal aggressiveness, (c) whether people more satisfied with their siblings report that receiving verbal aggression is more personally hurtful, and (d) whether sibling sex influenced verbal aggression in the relationship. Results support the destructiveness of verbal aggression in that verbal aggressiveness was negatively related to satisfaction and trust. Teasing was found to be positively related to being verbally aggressive. Sibling satisfaction was positively related to being hurt from receiving verbally aggressive messages. Results involving sex show that women are more satisfied and report using less verbal aggression and teasing than the other sibling dyads. Conclusions, future directions, and limitations are discussed. InfoTrac

Parent-adolescent interaction and optimal experience. Kevin Rathunde. Journal of Youth and Adolescence, Dec 1997 v26 n6 p669(21). This study examines communication complexity in family patterns of communication. InfoTrac.

The Influence of Family Communication on the College-Aged Child: Openness, Attitudes and Actions about Sex and Alcohol. Melanie Booth-Butterfield and Robert Sidelinger. Communication Quarterly, Summer 1998 v46 i3 p295(1). This study examined how openness in family communication patterns relates to attitudes and behaviors of college-aged children. InfoTrac.

The contribution of family communication patterns to children's interpretations of television violence. Marina Krcmar. Journal of Broadcasting & Electronic Media, Spring 1998 v42 n2 p250(15).

The study examines how a family pattern of communication affects a child's view of whether violence viewed on television is motivated and justified. InfoTrac.

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