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Family Structures and Communication

The Ecology of the Family

This paper by Christine Connard and Rebecca Novick examines components of a systemic model of family communications. It aims to inform family-centered approaches to education and delivery of social services.

Family Relationships from dr.Spock.com

dr.Spock.com is a Website featured on AOL. The discussion of various issues related to family communication is presented by experts in pediatrics and family therapy. With special refererence to family structures, Dr. Robert Needleman addresses the question, What is a Family?

U. S. Census Bureau: Families and Living Arrangements

The census tracks family structures and trends as part of its current population reports. These documents are published between the formal census dates. You can download the complete reports, which are formatted through Adobe PDF.

Barna Group on Families

The Barna Research supports religious oganizations. This page provides statistsical information about family arrangments.

"Honey, I'm Home" Changes in Living Arrangements in the Late 1990s

This is a study by the Urban Institute on family patterns.

The Step-Family Network

This is a resource for support and research on step families. It is sponsored by the Step family Network.

Single Parents

This is an About.com expert guide that provides links about various issues faced by single parents and their families. It is moderated by Diane Hadaway.

Sandwich Generation: A Cluttered Nest

This is a page from the University of Nebraska and the Department of Agriculture that discusses issues faced in three generation households or family communication systems. In particular, it focuses on the stresses experienced by adults who are simultaneously caring for their own parents and their children.

History of Marriage

This page is an expert guide from About.com, providing links about the history of marriage in various societies.

Family Diversity Projecs

The Family Diversity Project is a non-profit organization that produces photographic exhibitions depicting a wide range of families, including those that are multi-racial, adoptive families, divorced families, foster families, gay and lesbian families, and families facing physical and mental challenges.

Divorce Support

This is an About.com expert guide to resources and links concerning divorce and associated issues for family life. The page is moderated by Pat Gaudette.

Fast Facts on Divorce

The National Center for Health Statistics and the Center for Disease Control offer this page of statistics about divorce. You can also download files in PDF format to see more comprehensive data about divorce.

Family and Relationships

This site is sponsored by the American Psychological Association to provide resources and information about relationships in a family.

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