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Academic Websites about Interpersonal Relationships

Empathy - Web Based Resources

This is a list of resources compiled by Empathy. Empathy is a moderated email list of scholars and teachers in the fields of interpersonal communication and small group dynamics. Its list of resources will link you to Web pages on these topics. In addition, Empathy provides links for recommended readings in interpersonal and small group communication, some of which are available online. Check out their pages for music lyrics, films and exercises that are linked from the Web Based Resources page as well.

Daniel Chandler's Media and Communication Studies Site

This comprehensive site describes itself as "constructivism at work." Although its primary emphasis is the study of mass communication, there are excellent resources here related to communication theory and the study of culture that have bearing on interpersonal relationships.

Happy Fun Communication Land - Tutorial on Communication

This page features a seven part study of the process of communication.


Sarah J. Zupko maintains this site of materials and links for theorists who have made the greatest impact on post modern perspectives about communication.


This search tool from the Website for the American Psychological Association can help you find surf the Web to find materials about relationships and other issues related to interpersonal psychology.

Free Management Library

The Free Management Library is a resource list designed for non-profit organizations. Special sections include sets of links on interpersonal communication skills, interviewing, management, leadership development, and small group communication.

Communication Skills (Face to Face)

This is a handy set of links intended for use by members of non-profit organizations. It was developed by Dr. Carter McNamara. Be sure to scroll down the whole page to see the range of communication competencies that are included.

Interpersonal Relatinships - About.com

Use this page as a portal for a wide rage of issues in interprsonal communication, especially in a work related context. The page is part of the Human Resources section About.com.

A Taste of Rhetoric

Designed by Stephen M. Fournier, this site provides brief overviews of the history of rhetoric. It summarizes themes of communication as storytelling Aristotle's Rhetoric, Kenneth Burke's theory of dramatism, the Shannon and Wever model, and Walter Fisher's narrative paradigm.

<meta> Discourses

Theory <for> communication. This site is edited by Bob Craig from the University of Colorado, Boulder. It's main focus is communication theory, featuring the major schools of thought on communication and links and bibliographic materials about major theorists.

Improve Your Communication Skills - Mind Tools

The Mind Tools site focuses on skills for career success.


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