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Passion, Commitment and Intimacy

Theories of Love

Part of the Psychology of Love About.com site, this page features discussions of Rubin's views about liking and loving, John Alan Lee's Colors of Love model and Sternberg's Triangular Theory.

Robert Sternberg Home Page

You can go to Sternberg's professional home page at Yale. In particular, note the link to Love where he offers a precis of his theory.

Robert Sternberg at the PSI Cafe

This page provides links to information about the various psychological theories of Robert Sternberg, including his triangular theory of love and his more recent work on love stories.

Sternberg's Triangular Love Scale

This survey was adapted from the Triangle of Love, in which Robert Sternberg developed his theory about romantic relationships being comprised of three dimensions: passion, intimacy and commitment.

What's Your Love Story?

This is an online version of the Psychology Today article that Sternberg wrote in 2000 to explain his methodology of studying romantic relationships by having people tell their stories.

Three-dimensional love. Manfred Hassebrauck; Thomas Buhl. The Journal of Social Psychology, Feb 1996 v136 n1 p121(2)

The classification of love relationships according to the triangular theory of love is significantly related to individuals' perceptions of love relationships. InfoTrac.

What's Your Love Story?
Robert J. Sternberg. Psychology Today, July 2000 v33 i4 p52.

In a new view of romantic relationships, Sternberg explores his theory that love is a story. He observes that we can understand types of love styles by examining the kind of scripts that people write as their love story. InfoTrac.


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