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Theories of Romantic Communication

Relationship Satisfaction Test

Cybernia Shrink offers this self assessment for evaluating your romantic relationship.

Will Your Love Survive the Long-Distance Test?

Take this interactive quize from PsychOnline to reflect about how distance from a loved one may affect your relationship.

Gottman Institute

This is the home page for the work of John Gottman.

Friendship is Key to a Successful Marriage

This is a summary of key points by John Gottman about why some romantic couples are more succesful than others.

How Well Do You Know Your Partner?

Take this quiz developed by John Gottman to see how detailed your "love map" is. Gottman describes a love map as the repository of knowledge that intimate partners have of one another. In his theorizing about successful romantic relationships, Gottman observes that having a detailed love map is one of the predictors of success.

The Seven Principles that Make a Marriage Work

This Web page from the Family Matters Web site provides a description of the seven principles that John Gottman and Nan Silver elaborated in their bestselling book by the same title.

Building Bliss

Read this book review for further elaboration on Gottman and Silver's prescriptions for marital success.

Turning Points

This is a study of turning point theory and the development of romantic relationships. The study by Sophia McDowell compares online relationships to those that meet through face-to-face communication.

When to Say the L Word

Saying "I love you" can be a very important turning point in a romantic relationship. This page provides background of a segment from the Today Show.

Confessions of an eternal romantic: passion and enduring love often seem at odds. So why do we keep striving to capture both in the same relationship? Michael Ventura. Psychology Today, March-April 1997 v30 n2 p34(8).

People today yearn to have the contrary qualities of passion and stability in romantic relationships. This yearning is a relatively new human undertaking, because up until the mid-20th century relationships were based more on shared definitions or agreements than on passion. InfoTrac.

Are love styles related to sexual styles? Kurt Frey; Mahzad Hojjat. The Journal of Sex Research, August 1998 v35 n3 p265(7)

This study examined the relationships between love attitudes (eros, ludus, storge, pragma, mania, and agape) and preferences for various sexual scripts (role enactment, sexual trance, and partner engagement). InfoTrac.

Just Like Mom

This page summarizes a story broadcast on ABC News by Robert Krulwich. This study of animal bonding examines how young male goats mate by selecting a partner similar to his mother. It raises questions of whether nurture shapes sexual attraction and mate selection. In addition to reading about the study, you can also see a Real Video version of the story.

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