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Small Group Communication

Allyn & Bacon Communication Studies Website - Small Group Communication

This page provides a definition of small group communication and examines some of the issues involved in small group communication studies. These include reasons for joining groups, types of groups, stages of group development, methods of group decision-making, problems of groupthink, leadership, member roles, and conflict. Additional materials on mediated groups and techniques for productive meetings are also included.

Small Group Communication - (McGraw-Hill)

Click on the Student Information link for pages on this site deal with small group interaction.

Virtual Meeting Assistant - University of Kansas

Use this site to plan group meetings. There is a discussion of how to organize an agenda and pointers about various types of meetings. The page also includes a set of links to other resources about small group meetings.

What is a Group?

This is a page from Mick Underwood's Cultural Shock Website that examines some of the core concepts of group dynamics and applies them to communication studies of small group interaction.

When a Group is Not a Group: Do we agree on the domain of group communication?

The question of what constitutes a group was raised by a group of communication scholars at the 2004 meetings of the Eastern Communication Association and the National Communication Association. This link provides an essay by Lisa Milhous, which was used as the starting point for the discussion.

Group Communication Theories

Brian Brown provides this summary of small group communication theories including General Theory by Collin and Guetzkow, Interaction Process Analysis by Bales, Structuration Theory of Decision-making by Poole, General Functional Theory by Hirokawa, GroupThink by Janis, Interaction Analysis by Fisher, Structuration Theory by Giddens.

Group Dynamics

This is a page authored by Don Forsyth, an expert in group dynamics, from Virginia Commonwealth University. It provides links for a range of types of topics about small group communication.

Group Process and Therapy

Extensive collection of links on various aspects of small-group approaches to therapy prepared by Kathryn Reynolds at Wright State University

Ernest Bormann Home Page

Professor Ernest Bormann from the Univeristy of Minnesota has been one of the most prominent theorists contributing to small group communiction research and rhetorical theory. .

A focus on focus groups. Zane K. Quible. Business Communication Quarterly, June 1998 v61 n2 p28(9).

Individuals who use focus groups gain access to important qualitative information which other data-collection methods do not readily provide. InfoTrac

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