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Work Related Technologies for Communication


Groupware, as explained on this page, is a type of software that is designed to facilitate group interaction and manage communications among members of a small group.

Collaborative Groupware Software

Check out links to a range of types of sources for types of software for group use from a page developed by Grant Bowman

ICQ Groupware

ICQ, an acronym for "I seek you," uses the concept of instant messaging. This page provides information about ICQ and its various types of applications.

Yahoo! Groupware

This is a commercial directory form Yahoo! that lists some of the companies that produce types of groupware.

The SmartPhone: Interactive Group Audio with Complementary Symbolic Control

The SmartPhone provides a medium for group communication involving visual and auditory interaction. It enables feedback, turntaking and ways of identifying speakers. This document is a PDF file.

Group Decision Support System

This brief essay by John Pfeifer, King Koo and Pricilla Yin from the University of Calgary provides background about GDSS.

GDSS Research Project at Lappeenranta University of Technology

This page summarizes some of the research about use of group decision support systems.

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