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 Self Esteem and Body Image

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This is a very well crafted site that explores ways that cultural attitudes toward physical appearance "con American women into the pursuit of the perfect body." The page was developed by Kim Dixon, Tiffany Kary, and Dan Maccarone.

Body Positive

Pages supported by Dr. Debora Burgard examine issues related to body image and perceptions related to one's weight.

Body image, positive or negative shapes our lives

This is an editorial from the Digital Collegian at Penn State University by Dennis M. Kalup. It reflects his experiences with body image and the impact of body image on self concept.

Body Image and Self-Esteem

This site, devoted to health concerns for teens, examines attitudes toward body image with special reference to how social interactions affect body image.

Body Image Student Fact Sheet

From Australia, Women's Health Queenland, provides facts about adolescence and body image.

Beauty and Body Image in the Media

The Media Awareness Network examines how mass-mediated messages about body image affect self-concept.

Body Image

The BBC provides this page of practical advice about body image and self-esteem.

Physical activity and body image of female adolescents: moving toward the 21st century. Deborah J. Rhea. The Journal of Physical Education, Recreation & Dance, May 1998 v69 n5 p27(5).

The involvement of adolescent women in athletics and physical activity has substantially progressed since the enactment of Title IX legislation in 1972. Two increasing trends have been observed among female teenagers, namely that they either become markedly more inactive or more involved in extreme dieting behavior and intense physical exercise. The trends are disturbing and frequently have to do with self-esteem and body image. Physical activity in relation to body image among adolescent women are analyzed and discussed. InfoTrac.

Gender and ethnic differences in the relationship between body esteem and self-esteem. Henriques. Gregg R. and Lawrence G. Calhoun. The Journal of Psychology, July 1999 v133 i4 p357(1).

Gender and ethnic differences in the relationship between body esteem and self-esteem were examined to assess the degree to which these variables change in relation to each other over time. InfoTrac

Physical attractiveness contrast effect and the moderating influence of self-consciousness. Bill Thornton and Jason K. Maurice. Sex Roles: A Journal of Research, March 1999 v40 i5-6 p379(1).

Social comparison theory was used to examine women's attitudes toward physical attractiveness. InfoTrac

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