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 Self in Cyberspace


Identity Management in Cyberspace

This page is an article from John Suler's Psychology of Cyberspace. In it Suler develops a five-part model for how an identity is presented in online communications.

Identity and the Internet

This essay by Kurth Rymers advances the argument for a symbolic ineractionist perspective on how identity is formed in cyberspace.

Erving Goffman, Dramaturgy and Online Relationships

This article by Nikki Sannicolas appeared in Cybersociology in 1997. It applies Goffman's principles of self presentation and interaction order to the persona that an individual creates online.

Technology and the Self: From the Essential to the Sublime - Kenneth Gergen

In this essay, Kenneth Gergen explores the post modern perspective that self is better understood through relationism as an alternative to psychological essentialism. He observes that technology is the chief instrument for the dismantling of the traditional concept of self.





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