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 Identity Theory: Postmodern View and Relational Self


Kenneth J. Gergen

This is a home page for Kenneth Gergen. It includes links to some of his essays that are published online as well as to information about his work.

Constructivism and Narrative Psychology

This essay by Luis Botella draws on the overall theory of constructivism to examine how we develop a sense of self by writing our own self-narratives as we create a self-theory. Professor Botella is affiliated with Ramon Llul University in Barcelona, Spain. This page is also part of the Virtual Faculty offerings at Massey University in New Zealand.

Interpersonal Communication and Modernity

This page from CIOS explores how identity is shaped today. Special emphasis is placed upon how a breakdown of traditional ways of defining self have broken down.

Identity Management in Cyberspace

This page is an article from John Suler's Psychology of Cyberspace. In it Suler develops a five-part model for how an identity is presented in online communications.

Theory, Gender and Identity Resources

This page by David Gauntlett from the Institute of Communications Studies in Great Britain explores post modern theories of identity with emphasis on the works of Theodor Adorno, Judith Butler, Michel Fouccault, and Antonio Gramsci.

Identity Theory from the Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy

This link provides the entry in the Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy. It discusses identity theory as an alternative to behaviorism.


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