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General Systems Theory

Ludwig von Bertalanffy

The International Society for the Systems Sciences provides this page about Ludwig von Bertalanffy. It provides biographic information and briefly describes his organismic theory of systems as well as his concept of open systems. First developed as a systems theory for biology, these theories have been applied to interpersonal communication systems.

General Systems Theory

This is an excerpt from Ludwig von Bertalanffy's book, General Systems Theory. It is availabale on the Web page for the International Society for the Systems Sciences.

The Primer Project - on Systems Theory

The Primer Project is a Web based tutorial produced by the International Society for the Systems Sciences to explain Ludwig von Bertalanffy's concepts.

A Taste of Systemics

This is an essay by Bela Banathy explaining principles of systems theory. Be sure to scroll down to A Systems Model of a Human Activity System for a very clear explanation of how interpersonal communications systems work.

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