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1 Ensemble acting means:
a) communicating a sense of truth as a group, instead of just as an individual
b) knowing when and how to give and take focus
c) always giving focus to your partner
d) being realistic down to the very last detail
e) all of the above
2 An actor's tools are:
a) voice, body, mind, self
b) costumes, makeup, set, props
c) designers, technicians, directors
d) issues, hats, verses, canes
e) none of the above
3 As an actor, working from the inside out would be called ___________; working from the outside in would be called ___________.
a) inspirational, internal
b) method, technique
c) alienation, identification
d) presentational, representational
4 Realistic Theatre tends to have ____________ acting, while stylized theatre (such as farce and musical comedy) tends to use _____________ acting.
a) external, internal
b) representational, presentational
c) bad, good
d) technical, methodic
e) all of the above
5 Most modern realistic acting is based on the teachings and practices of:
a) Diderot
b) Delsarte
c) Freud
d) Stanislavsky
e) Thespis
6 All EXCEPT WHICH ONE of the following are ways in which actors help to induce belief in self and character when they find difficulty fitting themselves into the play's situations?
a) sense memory
b) affective memory
c) substitution
d) the "magic if"
e) unitizing

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