Introduction to Theatre Online Course

Dr. Eric W. Trumbull, Professor, Theatre/Speech

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Introduction to Theatre


Short Paper / Web Page / Online Presentation


Each student will develop TWO projects -- papers / web pages / online presentations -- during the semester.  The purpose of these is two-fold:

1) to demonstrate your ability to learn about a specific aspect of theatre on an independent basis;   and

2) to teach something interesting to the rest of the class members about an aspect of theatre that is either not covered in class or that focuses on a subject in more detail than is covered in class.


I am trying to find a way for students to learn about aspects of theatre they are most interested in, while at the same time teaching the class about what they've learned. In the regular classroom, students have put on presentations demonstrating some aspect of performance or experimenting with aspects of theatre design or presenting material relating to theatre history or theory, etc.

For this WEB class, I believe the best venue for this kind of activity is posting your short papers on the internet for every class member to read, or posting your information-specific web pages on the internet for everyone to see and experience.  Therefore, I want you to send me your short papers, and then I willl post them on the web for everyone else in the class to see.

For papers, web pages, and/or presentations, send me the following:

--the initial idea (which could consist of a combination of your original research along with links to other relevant web sites...),

--the URL (if you have web space available for your use),       and / or

--the actual HTML file(s), which I can examine and suggest comments for, and then post on the internet.


These short projects should be from 2 to 4 pages in length (typed and double-spaced, of course) -- and adapt that guideline to web pages and presentations-- and could include works consulted if appropriate.


For ideas for the short paper assignments / web pages, please look at the following areas:

Research Topics -- this is for ideas for papers / research ideas.

Presentation / Project Suggestions -- this is also for ideas for projects / papers.



PLEASE NOTE:  for all assignments you submit for this class (critiques, short papers, extra credit), you MUST include the following information at the top of your paper; include it as part of the text of the paper and not as a header, as this will make it easier for me to mark the document electronically:

Your Name
Your Class (SPD 141, Theatre Appreciation I)
The semester for which you are registered (i.e.: Fall 2004, Summer 2004, etc.)
&      section number
The Assignment (i.e.: Critique One, Paper Two, etc.)
Date of submission

This information MUST be included on ALL written assignments.


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This page last modified: November 15, 2007