Unit 4

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Section 91

Dr. Diane Thompson, NVCC, ELI

Exam 3 will ask you to write an essay that is "An Argument Pro or Con an Issue in Your Research Area." It should be at least 500 words long; it may be longer if you need the space. Bring the following to the Testing Center of your choice:

Your Exam Pass (see left menu on Blackboard Forums page) and a photo ID
Your emplid
Your argument outline, but NOT a draft.
Hacker for grammar reference (optional)
A College Dictionary (optional)

You will write this essay in the Testing Center. You will write the exam on a word processor and then copy/paste it to a message box in the Blackboard testing area.

This may destroy your formatting, so be sure to put a capital P at the start of each paragraph, so that I can reformat the paragraphs as I read the exam.

There is no time limit, so be sure to enter the Testing Center early enough to allow yourself as much time as you may need. You may use a dictionary or your English Handbook as you need them.

After you have completed the exam, I will read it and email your grade to you with my comments. Allow about one week for turnaround. The paper argument outline that you bring to the exam will be sent to me at ELI. You will not receive the exam or any other papers back.

You must pass both Exam 2 and Exam 3 with a grade of 60% or better in order to pass the course.

Final Exam Grading Criteria:

Responds to the assignment
Has a clear, relevant thesis
Supports each point using specific examples
Has a coherent, logical plan of organization
Develops both the positive and negative sides of the issue
Uses consistent, appropriate style
Uses correct, college-level Standard Written English

(c) Diane Thompson; 11/7/1998; updated: 08/12/2008