ENGLISH 111/009

Unit 4

Dr. Diane Thompson, NVCC, ELI

Please do not start working on Unit 4 until you have completed all of Unit 3.

In UNIT 4 you will plan, draft, revise and polish your research report. You will also study how to support an argument and prepare and write your Final Exam, an "Essay Arguing For or Against Some Issue in your Research Project." This Unit involves 6 related tasks. Click on each task to go to the screen needed; return to "Unit 4" when you have completed the task. Then proceed to the next task.

Unit 4, Task 1

Read about Preparing the Research Report Draft. At the bottom of that page, you can select the forum you need to post your draft, or you can select it here.

Go to  Blackboard, "Unit 4, Task 1," and follow the instructions for filling out and posting the worksheet. 

Unit 4, Task 1 is worth up to 20 points.

Unit 4, Task 2

Read the instructions on how to write a Research Report Draft. Then, go to  Blackboard, "Tasks 2, 3 and 4," and read some other students' completed Research Reports (and my comments on them). 

Then, write your draft on your word processor, and copy/paste it to  Blackboard, "Unit 4, Tasks 2, 3 and 4."

Be sure to:

document your sources (using parenthetic documentation)
include a bibliography of works examined and/or cited (do not include annotations)
proofread carefully  for clarity and correctness

or you'll lose points on your draft. Unit 4, Task 2 is worth up to 50 points.

Unit 4, Task 3

After you receive feedback on your draft Research Report, study selected content, organization, grammar, documentation, and style issues that you and/or your instructor think affected your draft. No points, but Task 3 is required for an eventual grade on your Research Report.

Unit 4, Task 4

Revise your Research Report Draft into a Final Polished Research Report. You must complete your revisions and post the final report no later than 30 days after posting the draft, because I must be able to read the draft and my comments on it before grading the final Research Report. Go to  Blackboard, "Tasks 2, 3 and 4" and open your draft. Select reply to post your Research Report as a follow-up to your draft. 

Task 4 is worth up to 200 points.

Unit 4, Task 5

Read Argument and Hacker, section C5 on constructing arguments.

Select an issue related to your Research Report topic to argue for or against.

Go to the Sample Worksheet to see a sample of how to develop an argument.

Then, at the bottom of that page, click to go to  Blackboard, "Unit 4, Task 5," and follow the instructions there to fill out the worksheet for planning an argument essay. 

I will not accept the plan sheet for the final exam until you have completed the Research Report project. You may not write the final exam until after I have responded to the plan sheet for it. 

This completed worksheet will provide you with the materials and structure for your Final Exam. Task 5 is worth up to 20 points.

Task 6

You will write Exam 3 in the Testing Center. You should bring a copy of the completed Argument Outline Worksheet with you and include it in your Final Exam materials which will be collected after the exam and not returned to you. The exam essay should be independent of the outline when it is completed.

Be sure to take the appropriate Exam Pass, your student emplid number, and a photo ID with you. Call the Testing Center first to make sure it will be open long enough for you to complete the exam.

If it is not possible for you to get to an NVCC Testing Center, you may arrange for a proctor at another location. If you need a proctor, go to the ELI Policies and Procedures Screen. Select the link for Examination Proctors, from the Table of Contents, for information on how to arrange for a proctor.

You must pass both Exam 2 and Exam 3 with a grade of at least 60% in order to pass the course. 

Task 6 is worth up to 150 points.

Please take a few minutes, either before or after your final exam, to answer a short online survey about your experience in this course. Your answers are anonymous, but they do help us to improve the course.  Just follow this link to the Course Evaluation.

Congratulations! You have completed the course!

(c) Diane Thompson; 11/7/1998; updated: 03/28/2008