Interesting Web Sites for Unit 4

Dr. Diane Thompson


A Course on Chinua Achebe: good links

Conrad's Heart of Darkness: etext
Things Fall Apart: Study Guide by Paul Brians Modern History Sourcebook: Capt. F. D. Lugard: The Rise of Our East African Empire, 1893; a British view of colonialism in Africa.
Chinua Achebe: a rich, well organized site full of all sorts of information and images Joseph Conrad Pages: Biography, links, etc.
NomadNet: depressing, yet fascinating, news from post-colonial Africa Roy's God of Small Things: Study Guide by Paul Brians
History: part of a site about African Slave Routes; this section is on the Igbo; photos Dovstoevsky: 200 relevant links
Global Studies 9: Africa: Colonialism; An extensive set of links regarding colonialism/imperialism in Africa. The site includes primary source documents and a list of essays and other resources about the effects of colonialism and other topics related to this era of African history.  Metamorphosis: an etext in English of Kafka's story about a man who became an insect.
IgboNet: A clearinghouse of essays and information on the Igbo language and culture.  Provides great background on this culture; useful for understanding the context of Achebe’s work. The Modern Word: interesting material about various modern authors, including Borges, Marquez, Joyce and Eco.
The Colonial and Postcolonial History and Literature of Nigeria: This site contains a great set of essays and other resources on Nigeria and the Igbo culture.  It provides a great background for Achebe’s work, and also includes some essays on Things Fall Apart and Achebe as an example of a Postcolonial author. Humanities in Latin America: includes art, literature, history, etc.
"Existentialism" Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy Journey to the West: a wonderfully comprehensive site about Monkey in many forms and multiple media.
Ulysses: by James Joyce: an etext Journey to the West : This site is a .pdf download of the text, but it is in a tiny font and difficult to read. However, it is free.


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