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Chardin Paper Assignment

Ali Gapu

In Isfahan, Iran, the main Safavid Palace, Ali Qapu (pictured here), is located on the western side of the Naghsh-i Jahan Square opposite the Sheikh Lotf Allah Mosque.  The Shah Mosque is on the south of the square, while the north side opens into the Isfahan Grand Bazaar.  Ali Qapu, dating to the sixteenth century, was really a formal portal to the immense complex of Safavid palaces in Isfahan at the height of the empire.  Dignitaries were received there.  Photo credit wikipedia commons.

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Read John Chardin, Travels in Persia, 1673-1677 (in its entirety).

Answer the following question in a one-page paper:

Citing specific evidence from Chardin's Travels in Persia (not from the textbook), what were some of the main features, or characteristics, of seventeenth-century Persian society?
Your paper must follow the following format:
  • typed using a word processor (font size 10 or 12 only)
  • one-inch margins
  • double-spaced
  • page number citations for your quoted evidence
  • not to exceed one (1) page
  • name, date and HIS 112 at the top left
  • must have a brief introduction and conclusion (each not to exceed two sentences)
  • You may consider submitting drafts of your assignment to your instructor for feedback before submitting the assignment for a grade. Please send some specific questions that you would like answered about your draft. The questions can be general (Is my introduction clear?) or specific (Is the phrase, "Chardin was jeweller," written correctly?).  You can send in multiple drafts (within reason) of an assignment before you submit for a grade.
  • At times, you may be asked to rewrite your essay before it is graded.  This is done for your own benefit and will result in an improved grade.
Since this is your first paper assignment in the course, you should take a moment to review the Short Tutorial on Writing the One-Page paper (and the other materials) in Charlie's History Writing Center.  The tutorial will give you a good idea of exactly how your paper should be structured and organized.

Before proceeding, you might wish to read the short notes on Chardin and the Safavid Empire and review the study questions on Chardin.

Your assignment should be sent to your course instructor following the directions for submitting assignments.
The Chardin Paper is worth a maximum of 100 points.



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