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UN Paragraph Assignment


Marc Chagall (1887-1985) created this mammoth stained glass window (aka the Peace Window) which measures 15' by 12' and which is now located in the public lobby of the United Nations building in New York.  Unveiled in 1964, Chagall's work was meant as a memorial to Dag Hammarskjöld (1905-1961), the former secretary-general of the UN, who had died in 1961 under mysterious circumstances as he was trying to defuse a crisis in the Congo.  Chagall also dedicated his work to the cause of world peace.  Pictured here is but a small portion of the window.  Photo credit Luke Redmond.

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Read the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (along with the document background notes and the study questions) and answer the following question in a paragraph:

Citing specific evidence from the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (not from the textbook), how has the Universal Declaration influenced political events in the world since its adoption in 1948?
The United Nations, created in the aftermath of World War II on the insistence of President Franklin Roosevelt (1882-1945), was intended to prevent war as the League of Nations, created after World War I on the insistence of President Woodrow Wilson (1856-1924), had not been able to.  The UN has played an increasingly prominent role in world affairs since its creation.  Ever since the UN's dramatic intervention in the war in Korea in 1950, the UN has taken upon itself the task of intervention whenever possible to avoid a major conflict.

Your paragraph should be about one-half page in length, double-spaced with one-inch margins, font size 10 or 12; it should contain a concise topic sentence that directly responds to the assigned question (no need to define terms or cite a dictionary) and use direct, quoted material to support your points.  You may consider submitting a draft of your assignment to your instructor for feedback before submitting the assignment for a grade. Please send some specific questions that you would like answered about your draft. The questions can be general (Is my thesis/first sentence clear?) or specific (Is the phrase, "Chardin was jeweller," written correctly?).
Your assignment should be sent to your course instructor following the directions for submitting assignments.
Please take a moment to review all of my support materials in Charlie's History Writing Center for additional information on the writing requirements for the assignments in the course..
The UN Paragraph is worth a maximum of 50 points.



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