War Crimes in Afghanistan:  Resources


Avalon Project  An extensive database that covers a vast amount of political documents, including the Geneva Conventions, and the Hague conference.
Physicians for Human Rights A multi-national human rights organization that investigates claims of human rights violations.
International Committee of the Red Cross The Red Cross is a humanitarian organization that works to improve human life.
Human Rights Watch Another humanitarian organization whose purpose is to spread the awareness about human rights violations.
PHR on National Public Radio Listen to an interview with John Heffernan from Physicians for Human Rights on NPR as he discusses the mass gravesites.
United Nations Visit for the latest happenings with the United Nations and its international organizations.
Department of State Visit for the latest news from the United States Department of State.
Afghanistan Independent Human Rights Commission (AIHRC)  
Accountability for US counter-terrorism human rights violations  
The Universal Declaration of Human Rights See also the UN Declaration of Human Rights assignment from HIS 112


Ball, Howard. Prosecuting War Crimes and Genocide; The Twentieth Century Experience. Lawrence, Kansas: University Press of Kansas, 1999.
Bass, Gary Jonathan. Stay the Hand of Vengeance; The Politics of War Crimes Tribunals. Princeton, New Jersey: Princeton University Press, 2000.

Newspapers / Journals

"Asia: Dead on Arrival; A War Crime in Afghanistan". The Economist. London: August 24, 2002.
Reuters. "Kuwait to Exempt U.S. on War Crimes" The New York Times. New York: November 2, 2002.
Smucker, Philip. "Afghan war crimes a low priority..." Christian Science Monitor. Boston: September 12, 2002.
Porter, Adam. "Secret History?" In These Times. Chicago: August 2, 2002.

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