NOVA Student Code of Academic Integrity

As a NOVA student, you should use academic integrity as the guiding principle for all that you do, from taking assessments and making presentations to writing papers. It requires that you recognize and acknowledge information derived from others and take credit only for ideas and work that are yours.

You violate this principle of academic integrity if you:

Since online courses and online requirements vary, your professor will help you understand what does and does not constitute cheating in your course and on your proctored assessments. Be sure to ask your professor if you aren’t sure.

If you violate the Academic Integrity Policy, your professor may give you a failing grade for the assignment or for the course. Further, you may be reported for an academic integrity violation, reported to an academic dean, or even referred to the Dean of Students for disciplinary action depending on how serious an infraction was committed. Be sure to educate yourself about academic integrity at NOVA by reviewing the Student Conduct and Integrity page on the NOVA website.

Taking Proctored Assessments

Important: A webcam is required in order to take the Proctored Assessments in online courses at NOVA. Please check the Proctored Assessments module in the course and review the college‚Äôs minimum technology standards by pathway/school early on to be sure you will have everything you need in place to successfully complete your proctored assessments. 

Speak with your professor if you have any issues with taking a proctored assessment (such as privacy concerns, equipment problems, or inability to attend a synchronous assessment session). Professors are often able to work with you to meet your individual needs.

In addition to working with your professor, you may use the NOVA Online proctor request process to create a special arrangement, such as taking an assessment at a nearby college testing center or military installation (for deployed students). Visit the student forms dashboard to fill out a request. Please note you must allow up to 5 business days for NOVA Online staff to process a completed request. Delays in submitting your request and delays in response to the verification process with your proctor may result in missed assessments and grade penalties.

If you are enrolled in this course through a different Virginia Community College other than NOVA (SSDL), you may contact your home college liaison for proctoring instructions about how to test at your home college.

Faculty will always work with students to implement their Office of Disability Services approved Memoranda of Accommodations (MOA), which may impact how your proctored assessments are given. Please reach out to your professor to discuss specific needs for the course and for course testing at the start of the semester to ensure you are fully supported.