ENGLISH 111/009

Unit 2

Dr. Diane Thompson, NVCC, ELI

Please do not start working on Unit 2 until you have completed Unit 1.

In UNIT 2 you will select an area of research interest and do some research on the internet. You will prepare a statement of interest and an annotated bibliography on a topic of your choice. You will then write review summaries of two articles on your selected topic.

You also will take observation notes on your experiences with distance learning in this class and compare them to your classroom experience, either current or past. At the end of Unit 2, you will take Exam 2, writing an essay comparing and contrasting distance learning with classroom learning, based on your own experiences and observations (I want you to write about the specifics of your experience, not theory).

This Unit involves 5 tasks. Click on each task to go to the screen needed; return to Unit 2 when you have completed the task. Note that some tasks will require you to first go to a page of instructions and then, from the bottom of that page, go to the forum where you will post your work. After you have completed a task, proceed to the next task.

Unit 2, Task 1

Learn about the Research Report Project and do a Topic-Finding Worksheet. First read the Research Report Project page and return here. Then, go to  Blackboard, "Unit 2, Task 1." Follow the instructions on the forum for posting your topic finding worksheet. Unit 2,  Task 1 is worth up to 20 points.

Unit 2, Task 2

Go to Bibliography Instructions and read through them carefully. Prepare an Annotated Bibliography on the topic you have chosen. Then, either return here or click at the bottom to go to  Blackboard and select "Unit 2, Task 2," where you will post your work. Unit 2, Task 2 is worth up to 20 points.

Unit 2, Task 3

You will write Summaries of two articles on the topic you have chosen. Write these one at a time and wait for my response to the first one before you submit the second one.

Submit each summary as a separate entry. First read the Summaries instructions page and then click at the bottom to go to  Blackboard and select "Unit 2, Task 3." Unit 2, Task 3 is worth up to 40 points, 20 for each of  the two summaries.

Unit 2, Task 4

Prepare Observation Diary and Plan Sheet  for Exam 2, which asks you to write  an essay on "Classroom vs. Distance Learning--Which is Better for You?"

NOTE: You will not post these notes on the forum. You must email them to Diane Thompson (copy/paste them to the email message box) and receive my response and grade before you can take exam 2. I will NOT accept an exam 2 that is written before I grade and respond to your planning materials.

Task 4 is worth up to 20 points.

Unit 2, Task 5

Write Exam 2 in an NVCC Testing Center. You may bring your Observation Diary and Plan Sheet that I have approved. You may not bring a draft.

Be sure to take the appropriate Exam Pass and a photo ID with you. Call the Testing Center first to make sure it will be open long enough for you to complete the exam.

If it is not possible for you to get to an NVCC Testing Center, you may arrange for a proctor at another location. If you need a proctor, go to the ELI Policies and Procedures Screen. Select the link for Examination Proctors, from the Table of Contents, for information on how to arrange for a proctor.

You must pass both Exam 2 and Exam 3 with a grade of at least 60% in order to pass the class.

Task 5 is worth up to 100 points.

You must successfully complete all your work through Unit 2 in order to remain in the course beyond the W date. That means the work must be posted (one piece at a time, and wait for my grade before posting the next), and accepted and graded by me.

You may now go to Unit 3.

(c) Diane Thompson: 11/7/98; updated: 05/18/2007