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Dante and Others: poetry and prose

Paola and Franscesca da Rimini: Rossetti paints them in love and in hell.
Dante Homepage Amores [Ovid]: Translated by Christopher Marlowe; a major text in the ancient tradition of the passion of love.
Digital Dante Eliduc: by Marie de France; the story that most closely follows Andrew's "rules of love"
Great Books Index: Dante: links to etexts  Lanval: by Marie de France; a knight beloved by a Fairy Queen.
Dante and Virgil: A Study of Poetry, Language and History The Lais of Marie de France: a Wikipedia site; much good information, but be careful....it is not always edited by experts.
"The Uncanonical Dante: The Divine Comedy And Islamic Philosophy: An essay by Paul A. Cantor Giovanni Boccaccio: from Wikipedia
Meeting of Dante and Beatrice in Paradise: by Rossetti Feminae: Medieval Women and Gender Index
The Secret History of Virgil: Virgil as a magician Decameron Web: a thorough site from Brown University
Knighthood, Chivalry and Tournaments  Art of the Middle Ages
The Historical Reenactment Site  Amiens Cathedral: photo images and computer-graphics
Romantic Love as Fiction and as Life: By Brother Anthony of Taize (An Sonjae), Sogang University, Seoul This article was published inMedieval English Studies (The Medieval English Studies Association of Korea) 1 (1993) The Popul Vuh: an etext; translated by Lewis Spence
Troy Web Site: Romance  

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