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  English 253
Learning Activities

Introductory Letter
Discussion Forum Postings
Web Site Reports

Introductory Letter

During the first week of class, you are required to write a one-page introductory letter to introduce yourself to me and to your classmates.  In your letter, you need to answer some of these questions:  What is your major? What English courses have you taken?  Why did you choose this literature course?  Why did you choose an online course?  Click here to read my Introductory Letter.

Discussion Forum Postings

Procedures for Participating in Discussion Forum

Post one (1) response to the question for each week's reading and respond to at least one (1) other person's posting. You should respond to the question and others' postings seriously with the intention of enhancing learning and stimulating critical thought. You may also ask thought-provoking questions generated by the readings.

Click here to go to Discussion Forum.


Essay 1 Essay 2 Essay 3

You are required to write analyses of literary works, such as autobiographies, poems, short stories and essays.  Click here to see a sample comparison/contrast essay. Try to see its organization, unity, coherence, and inclusion and documentation of textual evidence, which are all necessary for any essay about literature. 

Please underline your thesis statement.

Web Site Reports

During the semester, visit web sites to learn about the authors and their works.  Submit reports about five different web sites. Include in your report the URL, a description of the site, and an explanation of the benefit of the site--what you gained by visiting the site.

Use Yahoo or Infoseek to locate an author of your choice.

You may click here to see a sample web site report.


If you are enrolled in the Fall semester of 2005 or later, you will be required to take three ONLINE proctored exams at any NVCC Testing Center. Take a photo ID and the Exam Pass to a Testing Center.

If you were enrolled in Summer 05 or the privous semesters, you will be required to take three PRINT proctored exams at any NVCC Testing Center.   Take Photo ID and Exam Pass to a Testing Lab.
Do not take Exam 1 until you have received feedback on Essay #1.  E-mail your instructor to inform her that you have taken an exam. Your instructor will grade your exam, and you will check your grade by clicking on the Student Tools button at Blackboard (the site where you accessed the exam). You will also receive feedback from the instructor through e-mail. You may use the course textbook, notes, and a dictionary for the exams. 

The procedures for ELI examinations are listed under ELI Policies and Procedures.

  • The following is a summary: Prepare for exam 
  • Call testing lab for its hours 
  • Take Photo ID and Exam Pass to Testing Lab 
  • Take Exam (You may use course textbook, notes, and a dictionary in the testing center.)
  • All notes should be turned in and attached to the exam.

f you are outside metropolitan Washington, incarcerated or handicapped, see the information on Examination Proctors and the Proctor Request form .Please do not take exam #2 until you have received feedback on exam #1. Please do not let the exams stop you from completing the course. If you have great difficulty getting to a testing lab or are very concerned about taking exams, please call your instructor instead of giving up! Exam 1 will test your understanding of the literature read during the first quarter of the semester. Exam 2 will test your understanding of literature read during the second quarter of the semester. Final Exam will test your understanding of literature read during the entire semester. Exam 1 and Exam 2 are worth 100 points each and Final Exam is worth 150 points. All exams will require you to answer two essay questions using the same skills that you used to write your essays.