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The LANDSAT Program

(Created by Thomas Alcorn, History 135, August 2007)

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( Titles link to online book stores, however you may obtain these books from any library or book store carrying these titles. )

ERTS1: A New Window on Our Planet , by Richard Williams, The US Government Printing Office, 1977. U.S. Geological Survey report on Earth Resources Technology Satellite-1.

Viewing the Earth: The Social Construction of the Landsat Satellite System, by Pamela E. Mack, The MIT Press, 1990. Describes the early history of Landsat in terms of how the project was shaped by interest groups.

NASA and the Space Industry, Dr. Joan Lisa Bromberg, Johns Hopkins University Press, 2000. Explores how NASA's relationship with the private sector developed and how it works.

Satellite Observations of the Earth's Environment Accelerating the Transition of Research to Operations, National Research Council of the National Academes, National Academy Press, 2003. This book examines the NASA-NOAA research to opreations transistion process.

Remote Sensing from Air And Space, by R. C. Olsen, SPIE, 2007. Describes Landsat spacecraft and shows extensive imagery from the landsat system.

Dark Mission: The Secret History of Nasa, Richard C. Hoagland, Feral House, 2007. This book exposes an alternate conspirational view of the history NASA.

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