The Sputnik Program

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Sputnik: The Fiftieth Anniversary is the official NASA site detailing the history of Russia's Sputnik Program with links to both US and Soviet documents.

Sputnik at 50:  The Legacy of the Space Race by Joe Flanagan appeared in Common Ground (Winter 2007), a publication of the National Park Service. 

Zarya Sputnik Diaries is a website that includes diaries and fact sheets on the Soviet space program and its successor, the Russian space program.

There is a useful Wikipedia article on the Sputnik Program, and a whyfiles.org article on Sputnik's Legacy.

Sputnik and the Space Race is associated with the Dwight D. Eisenhower Presidential Center archive site with information on Sputnik and the US-USSR Space Race.

Cold War Declassified Documents are part of the National Security Archive of formerly secret U.S. government documents.

Space Exploration Timeline is on the the US National Archives LIbrary Information Center's page on the chronology of Space Exploration.

The True Story of Laika the Dog is a Space.com article on the Russian space dog Laika, first dog in space.

Sputnik is an older, rather brief website by Windows to the Universe article that is devoted to the Sputnik Program.

The Times Looks Back: Sputnik is a short New York Times special article from 1997 on Sputnik 1.

Sputnik and the Dawn of the Space Age is a reference article from About.com on the history of space satellites.

Sputnik 1 - Milestones of Flight is a National Air and Space Museum article on Sputnik 1 as part of the Milestones of Flight chronology.

Sputnik is a review of the entire Sputnik Program with links to useful sources.

The Beat Museum has an article on the possible earthly remains of Sputnik 1.

Bar Sputnik is a nightclub in Brooklyn, New York, originally based on Soviet Sputnik motifs.

Timeline of Space Exploration and Sputnik diagram by Newsweek

Sputnik Program Page

Original reports from The Times

Chronology; Moon Race


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