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C-M-C Emoticons

Emoticons - Computer Knowledge

Check out some of the metaphorical types of icons on this page from Computer Knowledge.

Emoticons - Wikipedia

Read this explanation of emoticons, which reflects an understanding of the nonverbal elements of communication used in paralanguage andd other expressions of body language. While you are exploring Wikipedia, you can also check out the link to "Banana Man."

High-Tech Dictionary Emoticons

Facial Expressions are exemplified in this entry from the High-Tech Dictionary

Smileys and Emoticons

Some of these from the Muller Homepage are very intricate--even artistic!

Smiley World

This site categorizes various types of emotions expressed in email communications.

The Official Smiley® Portal - Smiley World.com

Be happy with these emoticons recommnded by Smiley World.com

Emoticons 4U

This collection provides 2400 emoticons.

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