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Telshur Project

This source from the University of Pennsylvania provides an Atlas of North American Dialects.

Organization of Dialect Diversity in North America

William Labov from the University of Pennsylvania explains and maps dialect differences of various regional speech communities.

A National Map of the Regional Dialects of American English

William Labov, Sharon Ash and Charles Boberg examine regional differences by regions of the country with an analysis of differences in distinctive features of American accents, especially how vowel sounds are produced.

Dialect Map of American English

Robert Delaney describes 24 geographic dialects and subdialects of English spoken in the United States.

Do You Speak American?

This is the Website for a three-part program presented on PBS by Robert MacNeil that explores language variation within the United States.

The Great Pop vs. Soda Controversy

What do you call a carbonated beverage? This is an online survey that sorts out regional differences in terms of the word choice that people make. It is supported by Alan McConchie. From this site, you can register your vote and see a map of the United States, which is color coded by reginal preferences.

Varieties of English

This page is from the Language Samples Project and the Department of Anthropology at the University of Arizona. The site offers explanation of different dialects of English and pages about the production of speech. You can explore particular dialects with special reference to the phonetics and phonology of each. In some cases, exericses are available.


This online recource helps you hear the phonetic features of ten different languages, including five different dialects of English as it is spoken in England, Ireland, Australia, Canada or the United States.


You can find information about languages all over the world and how speech communities speak a range of dialects of the languge. Click on a country or continent to make your linguistic travels.

The Linguist List

This site from Eastern Michigan University is named in honor of the French linguist, Ferdinand de Saussure. It provides links for studying world languages. Check out how you can browse Language Families.

123 World Languages

Browse the alphabet list of languages on this page to find information about a wide range of world languages.

Official Languages

Wikpedia provides links to information about official languages used in various countries around the globe.

Dialect Survey

Check out this page from the Linguistics Department of Harvard Univeristy to help identify your dialect. A set of Dialect Survey Maps are also available. When you click on one of the items, you will see how that sound is produced differently in various parts of the country.


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