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George Gerbner and Media Effects

Reclaiming our Cultural Mythology

In a piece subtitled "Television's global marketing strategy creates a damaging and alienated window on the world," Gerbner summarizes key themes from his cultivation theory. This essay was initially published in the Spring 1994 issue of In Context.

Cultivation Theory

This essay by Daniel Chandler critiques Gerbner's theory called Cultivation Theory.

Violence on Television

What do children learn? What can parents do? These are questions raised on this page from the APA..

George Gerner Series - Media Education Foundation

This page provides materials that accompany the three-part series on Gerbner that was produced by the Media Education Foundtion. of special note are short essays written by Gerbner and discussions questions on the themes related to his work into television as a story teller, and the impact of violence portrayed on TV.

George Gerbner and the Cultural Environment Movement

The Website, Disinformation, provides this set of links about Gerbner and his work. The page was authored by Alex Burns.

Michael Toms Interview with George Gerbner: "Saving Our Cultural Environment"

Read a transcript of an interview with Gerbner in which he discusses the major themes of his research. The interview, entitled "Saving Our Cultural Environment" was broadcast on the New Dimensions Broadcasting Network.

Casting the American Scene

This is a report published by the Screen Actors Guild as part of its examination of how women and minorities are depicted on television. The report was written by George Gerbner and draws on the research that he has done as part of his Cultural Indicators research project.

Media Stereotyping

This page from the Media Awareness Network offers a brief introduction to the topic of media stereotyping and links to pages that examine how members of groups are stereotyped. The Network gives primary focus to Canadian mass media, but considers media internationally as well.

Fred Rogers and the Significance of the Story

In an essay published in Current Online in 1996, Gerbner exames the impact of Fred Rogers and Mr Rogers' Neighborhood in light of Gerbner's views on storytelling as part of the social construction of a culture.

Geroge Gerbner and the Killing Screens

This is a pdf file containing a study guide for a video featuring Gerbner's research that is entitled "The Killing Screens." The study guide offers background information about Gerbner and his work.




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