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Marshall McLuhan and Media Determinism


CIOS McLuhan Website

This page from the Communication Institute for Online Scholarship examines some of the key ideas of McLuhan's thought and applies to a range of communication studies.

Tehnological and Media Determinism -- Daniel Chandler

These are lecture notes by Daniel Chandler about McLuhan and his assessment of media.

CBC Archives of McLuhan

At a number of points during his career, Marshall McLuhan was interviewed by radio and television broadcasters about his theories of communication. This link takes you to the archives of the Canadian Broadcasting Company (CBC) where you listen or view some of those broadcast appearances.

Lines of Communication

Check out a radio broadcast about the transmission model of communication that was developed by Shannon and Weaver to assess channels of communication. The program also touches on the issue of violence in the media. It was originally broadcast in December of 1999 in Australia. Michael Dwyer was the producer.

Marchal McLuhan Links (Hibbits)

This site is a collection of links organized by Professor Bernard Hibbitts of the University of Pittsburgh School of Law.

Marshall McLuhan Program in Culture and Technology

This site is from the University of Toronto.

Media Issues from Media Awareness Network

The Network is a Canadian organization that explores themes related to McLuhan's claim that media affect society and social interaction with this page on media issues. It provides resources for an educational setting to develop media awareness.

McLuhan's world--and ours. David Skinner. The Public Interest, Wntr 2000 p52

This essay provides background information about Marshall McLuhan and observes how his insights, developed within the time frame of McLuhan's personal and professional experiences, can contribute to contemporary analyses of political and social life.



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