Group Projects
The purpose of the group project is to collaborate with other members of your group as you research and present a discussion about a topic dealing with interpersonal communication.
Topics: The following are topics for doing Web based researach using this site.

1. How important is a person’s culture as an aspect of self-concept?

2. How meaningful is gender as an aspect of interpersonal relationships?

3. How can we understand interpersonal relationships using models of relational development?

4. What are some of the most important aspects of systems theory for understanding interpersonal relationships?

5. How can we successfully deal with conflict and manage tensions in interpersonal relationships?

6. How meaningful is self-disclosure for the development and maintenance of interpersonal relationships?
7. How do family structures create distinctive interpersonal relationships?

8. What are some of the styles of communication and issues involved in romantic love?

9. What is emotional intelligence? How do we develop it? How and why is it important for successful interpersonal relationships?

10. How is a body image developed through interpersonal communication? How important is body image as an aspect of self-esteem?

11. How do interpersonal communicators successfully deal with communication apprehension?

12. How do issues of maturation and changes of life affedt the way that we relate to people?

13. How does interaction through computer-mediated communications affect interpersonal relationships?

14. How do individuals create a cyber-identity when they interact online?

15. How important is listening in the development of interpersonal relationships?