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Interpersonal Competence
Competencies for Self-Presentation

National Communication Association Communication Competencies

Published in 1998 by the NCA, this is a list of twenty communication competencies for speaking, listening and media literacy. Though initially intended for K-12 education, the list is also applicable to the collegiate setting.

How Americans Communicate

The National Communication Association sponsored a poll by the Roper Starch organization to determine how Americans communicate. A large part of its findings dealt with levels of comfort that individuals feel in various types of communication contexts and relationships. The study also found that most Americans prefer face to face communication.

Impression management and cross-cultural adaption. Amy Montagliani and Robert A. Giacalone. The Journal of Social Psychology, Oct 1998 v138 n5 p598(11).

This study examined how skills for impression management facilitated cross-cultural adaptations. InfoTrac.




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