ENGLISH 111/009

Unit 3

Dr. Diane Thompson, NVCC, ELI

Please do not start working on Unit 3 until you have completed Unit 2.

UNIT 3 will guide you as you select a problem in your research topic to explore. You will examine this problem in depth, looking at its causes, effects, and possible solutions.

You must select a problem that is part of the same topic that you chose when you wrote your Topic Finding Worksheet at the start of Unit 2. For example, if your topic is community policing, the problem could be dealing with gangs, but it could not be the value of fresh vegetables in children's diets.

If you find that you cannot or do not want to continue with the topic you chose in Unit 2, you will need to go back and redo the Topic-Finding Worksheet, the Annotated Bibliography and the two Article Reviews, waiting for my approval on each one,  before you can continue with the new topic.

Unit 3 involves 6 related tasks. Click on each task to go to the screen needed; return to "Unit 3" when you have completed the task. Then proceed to the next task.

Unit 3, Task 1

Go to  Blackboard and select "Unit 3, Task 1." This will instruct you how to go to the forum where students post their "Problem and Possible Solutions in My Research Area" essays. You will select one student essay to work with, and then return to "Unit 3, Task 1" to post your response. 

Task 1 is worth up to 20 points.

Unit 3, Task 2

First go to the Draft Instructions page and read through it carefully. It will help you to understand the essay assignment. Then go to  Blackboard, "Unit 3, Task 2" and follow the instructions there for preparing a worksheet that identifies and explores a problem in your research area. Be sure to wait for my response before going on to the next Task.

Task 2 is worth up to 20 points.

Unit 3, Tasks 3, 4 and 5

Write a draft essay about a problem in your area of research. Receive feedback on your draft and work on revision. 

Unit 3, Task 3

Now review the Draft Instructions page. After you compose your draft on your word processor, you can click at the bottom of the Draft Instructions page to go to the forum where you will post your work. The draft essay is not worth any points, but it is required as part of your grade for this essay.

Unit 3, Task 4

Go to the Grammar and Editing Help Page and study selected grammar and style issues that affect your essay draft. No points here, but this is required for an eventual grade on your essay.

Unit 3, Task 5

Write the final polished version of this essay. Go to  Blackboard, "Tasks 3, 4 and 5." Open the forum and then open your draft. Attach your final version to your original draft by selecting reply and then posting the revised essay in the new message box. Be sure to include "Revised Essay 3" in the revision title.

I will not read and grade any revised essay unless the original draft and my comments on that draft are on the forum. I delete work from the forums every thirty days or so. This means that you have no more than 30 days to complete and post your revision. 

Task 5 is worth up to 100 points.

You must successfully (70% or better) complete all your work through here in order to qualify for a grade of Incomplete. That means it must be posted (one piece at a time, and wait for my grade before posting the next), and accepted and graded by me. An Incomplete is a privilege, not an  automatic matter, so you need to write to me explaining why you need the Incomplete before I will grant it, depending on the quality and completeness of your work and the quality of your explanation of why you need it and how you plan to complete the course within the extended period.

You may now go to Unit 4.

(c) Diane Thompson: 11/7/1998; updated: 11/13/2009