HIS 241
Explanation of Assignments
and Grading

In HIS 241, you must do the following assignments:

Introduction (50 points)
Primary Chronicle (50 points)
Inheritance (50 points)
Decembrists (50 points)
Belinskii (50 points
Witte (50 points)

Midterm (200 points)
Final (250 points)  In addition, you must pass the final exam with a grade of "C" (175/250) or better to earn a passing grade of "C" or better in this course.

Russian Culture (100 points)
You must do this book paper: Turgenev (100 points).

Ten postings to Blackboard (50 points)

Extra Credit Opportunities:
You may post five additional times to Blackboard for up to 5 points extra credit for each posting.
There are other extra credit options scattered elsewhere in the course for varying point amounts. You may contact me if you have other ideas for extra credit.

Late Work:
There are specific assignment deadlines in this course, and these are listed on the course schedule. You may not submit late extra credit work from a course unit. You may submit any of the course assignments, or optional course assignments late, but the maximum point value will then be reduced by one-half.


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