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All students will use Blackboard to post their work. Go to the Blackboard Start page to learn how to get your email address and your password to log on to the Blackboard forums. All students must now use their college email accounts; due to new Federal Privacy Laws, I can only write to you using those accounts.

I send an email grade for each task as soon as I read and respond to the task. If you are not receiving my email grades, you have an email problem. Call the NVCC Help Desk at 703-426-4141 for help with your email.

First, read the entire Course Guide. Then, begin working on Unit 1. The four Units, listed below, contain all of the course  assignments and detailed directions for how to do them. Complete each Unit before going on to the next one. Allow a month for each Unit. You have four months from your enrollment date to complete the course.

You will receive your own enrollment date from ELI and will need to keep track of your own schedule using the Grade Record form. Your end date is 16 weeks after your enrollment date, which may or may not be at the end of a regular NVCC semester.

To see a list of all the tasks for the course, go to the Grade Record form.

There are optional videos available which contain the same material as each Study Guide. If you prefer to watch the video instead of reading the Study Guide, click here for the video broadcast schedule, or go to an NVCC library to watch the videos there. You can also rent the videos: contact ELI for information on how to rent them.

Note: there are also two optional videos, one on Candide and the other on Things Fall Apart from the Annenberg series, Invitation to World Literature. I was a member of the Advisory Board for the project and I am delighted by the programs. I think you will enjoy them.

  Useful Course Pages

Course Materials Table

Unit 1

Unit 2  Unit 3 Unit 4 
Tartuffe Study Guide
OR Tartuffe Video (Blackboard> ELI telecourses> English> ENG252
Romantic Study Guide
OR Romantic Video
(Blackboard>ELI telecourses>English>ENG252
Hedda Gabler Study Guide OR Hedda Gabler Video (Blackboard>ELI telecourses>English>ENG252
>Hedda Gabler)
Things Fall Apart Study Guide OR Things Fall Apart Video (Blackboard>
ELI telecourses> English> ENG252>Things Fall Apart)
Tartuffe Activities Rousseau Activities Hedda Gabler Activities Annenberg Things Fall Apart Video (Blackboard> Annenberg Videos>Invitation to World Literature>Enter Series Website> Things Fall Apart> Watch)
Candide Study Guide
OR Candide Video (Blackboard>
ELI telecourses>English>ENG252
Romantic Poets Activities Six Characters Study Guide
OR Six Characters Video
(Blackboard> ELI telecourses> English>ENG252>Six Characters)
Things Fall Apart Activities
Annenberg Candide Video (Blackboard>Annenberg Videos >Invitation to World Literature>Enter Series Website> Candide> Watch)

Annenberg Journey to the West (Monkey) Video (Blackboard> Annenberg Videos>Invitation to World Literature>Enter Series Website> Journey to the West >Watch)
Faust Study Guide
OR Faust Video (Blackboard>ELI telecourses >ENG252>Faust)
Six Characters Activities Annenberg Things Fall Apart Video (Blackboard>Annenberg Videos> Invitation to World Literature>Enter Series Website >One Hundred Years of Solitude>Watch)

Annenberg The God of Small Things Video
(Blackboard> Annenberg Videos> Invitation to World Literature> Enter Series Website>The God of Small Things>Watch)
Candide Activities Faust Activities Women and Family Issues Activities  Free Choice Activities 

Optional WWW Links

The white boxes below list optional WWW sites for each UNIT. Check them out if you are interested in learning more about an area or era, or if you wish to do some of your reading on the WWW. (Note: Troy Web Sites have their own activities, which are not intended for this course.)

Library and Other Resources

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